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This week on the podcast Jim and Tyson chat with Dave Aarons, the founder and CEO of Unbundled Attorney whose mission is to promote the awareness of unbundled legal services and other options to working families who may not be able to afford huge, up-front retainers, and connect them with forward-thinking attorneys who want to grow a profitable law practice and stay at the forefront of the legal industry.

Dave also loves to golf, often competing as a scratch golfer all over the country. He is an avid traveler, having spent time in over 30 countries, and is also very passionate about inspiring business leaders to become more socially conscious.

7:03 the access to justice problem

14:29 making more money by lowering the barrier to entry

18:30 limited scope retainer agreement
20:30 a little bit of help can go a really long way

23:45 limited scope with difficult clients

Jim’s Hack: If you have some good habits that you've fallen away from, try to get back to them today or tomorrow and just get back on the horse.

Dave’s Tip: Making sure that I take time for the things that I really love and giving myself full permission to be able to spend time doing the things that give me joy.

Tyson’s Tip: Just a reminder to reach out to the people that you love, and start getting out to see them again, and have those lunches, have those coffees because those relationships are extremely important and we've not had a chance to really go out and share with people over the last year.

Watch the interview here.

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