180 - The Goofballs (Kenneth Arthur, Allyson Phillips, Jonny Svarzbein) in "NFL Road Trips & Airplane Misfits""


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This week on The MEAT we have Kenneth Arthur, Allyson Phillips and Jonny Svarzbein on the show. Together the host Goofballs: A Football Podcast and individually they are all great improvisers to boot. They start off talking about the NFL season, fantasy football and where to put awards you don't care about. Kenny tells a story about a time he did a road trip around the country writing about the NFL for Rolling Stone. Then Aly shares a story about a nightmare flight she had from NYC to Los Angeles involving unaccompanied minors and old perverts. These true stories inspire improvised scenes about disgusting Buffalo Bills fans, a doctor's office with plenty of flair, a plane full of perverts and a whole lot more! If you like the show, consider supporting us at www.patreon.com/themeat where you can get access to our discord channel and a weekly bonus episode where Josh and Jake talk improv shop.

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