Episode 25: Picnik


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Excited to chat with the founder of Picnik, Naomi Seifter. Picnik began as an incredibly popular food truck in Austin, famous for their butter coffee and bone broth. They’ve since expanded into a thriving full-service restaurant, and most recently, launched a bottled butter coffee product at Whole Foods! Many entrepreneurs dream of finding success with just one idea, Naomi’s somehow juggling the success of three! In our conversation, her and I touch on….

  • How Naomi’s managed to create a wildly successful food truck, open a full-service restaurant, and a launch a beverage product nationally at Whole Foods
  • Overcoming every entrepreneur's absolute nightmare: being forced to pull out of a national launch
  • Creating a culture for your customers vs. creating a culture for your employees

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC we GET BAKED and go behind the scenes of our newest product launch EPIC Baked Pork Rinds! Since it's the first ever Baked Pork Rind, we talk to our founder Katie about how we came up with this concept and she responds to some of the initial comments we’ve gotten about its fat content. We then talk to EPIC’s Eric Rasmussen, who led the development of Baked Rinds. He gives us a behind the scenes look on how making Baked Rinds was different than traditional, we discuss some of the chemicals and products found in other rinds we refuse to use, and finally we chat about a major challenge he ran into during product development.

Finally, we tell yall how you can win a Meatcast Tshirt this week PLUS bags of our new Baked Rinds! We also finally address a serious topic plaguing the Meatcast.

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