Episode 30: Thrive Market


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This week, we talk to Gunnar Lovelace, founder of Thrive Market. Thrive Market is an online store focused on natural/organic food and home care products, where shoppers pay an annual membership fee which gets them access to lower pricing on brands and products you trust. You can even shop by lifestyle or value (Paleo, Vegan, Fragrance Free, etc.) Thrive launched in 2014 and its been incredible to witness their growth first hand. I remember my first months at EPIC just being shocked at how many consumers would share with me that they bought their EPIC products off Thrive or were introduced to the brand via Thrive. Gunnar and I discuss this incredible growth and also chat about…

  • How do you balance being an online grocer and also a trusted sustainability and wellness content platform?
  • The innovative method Thrive used to raise money after being turned down by all the major venture capitalists
  • Why today’s political discourse represents an opportunity for consumers to influence change
  • What happens when you’re a mission-driven company, and your growth goals potentially force you to compromise on your mission?

Tune in and hear a special offer for Meatcast listeners interested in a Thrive membership!

Alright if you follow us on social you’ll likely recognize this week’s INSIDE EPIC guest, in fact, you may have seen every inch of him. This week’s guest is EPIC Bison Bowl referee and warehouse werewolf, Steven Duever! Steven and I talk a little bit about his path to EPIC, but we spend the majority of the interview discussing his decision to sell most of his belongings and live in his van. Where does he use the bathroom and shower? We answer those and other hard hitting questions and he actually gives us a tour of his humble abode. The Meatcast Cribs crossover we’ve all been waiting for!

Finally we read another Apple Podcast review (leave us one!) and tell you how you can win some Baked Rinds and EPIC swag this week!

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