Episode 31: Diestel Turkey


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This week we head out west to talk to turkey farmer, Jason Diestel from Diestel Turkey. Jason and his family are 4th generation turkey producers and were featured in our first EPIC’s Impact Journal! We’ve covered lots of other animals on this show, but this was our first opportunity to dive deep on turkey, and Jason didn’t dissappoint! He and I discussed…

  • Why Diestel Turkey adopted their humane practices far before it was popular to do so
  • How consumers have forced Diestel to ‘elevate their game’
  • The difference between raising turkeys vs. chickens
  • What does the Thanksgiving holiday do to turkey farmers?
  • I try to explain my past disdain for turkey meat to a turkey farmer

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC we take yall to the world’s biggest Paleo conference, PaleoFX. What is a Paleo conference? Who goes? Why? I’ll explain all that and also introduce you to three folks who flew more than 9 hours solely to attend!

Finally, I’ll read a review from a “Disappointed User” and tell you how you can win an EPIC Turkey Prize Pack!

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