Episode 33: Modern Huntsman


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Big episode this week! We’ve got Brad Neathery and Tyler Sharpe from Modern Huntsman, and for INSIDE EPIC, we’ll share EPIC’s newest product launch with you and tell you how you can be among the first to try some!

First up, with their publication Modern Hunstman, Brad and Tyler are working to change the image of hunters we're accustomed to and raise awareness about the role the hunting community plays in conservation, land stewardship, and animal welfare. As someone who didn’t grow up hunting, and can count all my hunting experiences on a single hand, I truly believe this episode will be just as interesting for the non-hunter as it is for the seasoned hunter. Brad and Tyler share how they’re challenging many of the common misconceptions about hunting, we discuss how the hunting community’s response to the work they’re doing, and they shed light on the role hunters play in conservation and land management and what we can do to support them, whether or not we ever want to hunt ourselves.

As promised, for this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we dive deep on our newest product, the EPIC Performance Bar! There’s a link below to read more about it in our show notes, but tune in here and hear from our co-founder Taylor, our guard dogs Carnage & Savage, and the chickens of Roam Ranch. They’ll explain why EPIC is so excited about this product launch, why you should be too, and answer some common questions we think yall may have! Finally I’ll tell you how you can win some free Performance Bars for yourself and a friend!


Modern Huntsman

Introducing the EPIC Performance Bar

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