Episode 34: Zuke's Dog Treats


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Do you own a pet? Have you ever wondered about where their food comes from and how its made? We dive into the world of pet food this week and chat with David Rizzo from Zuke’s Dog Treats! I work on human food for a living, yet have always had so many questions the pet food industry! Where does the meat come from? What does product research and testing look like? What kind of nutritional needs do dogs have vs. humans? Thankfully, I found the perfect person to answer all those questions in David. He’s been with Zuke’s since its inception and as their director of operations and sustainability, we also dive into the impact of pet food on our environment and talk about our shared partnership with the Savory Institute! It’s a fascinating conversation for any and all pet lovers, and also features our first ever canine Rank Your Meats!

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC we head back to PaleoFX and share an interview we recorded live with Angela from Tribali Foods! Tribali makes frozen meat patties and they share our values in terms of sourcing grass-fed ruminants and free-range poultry. Interestingly enough, their Angela was also a vegan, like our founders Katie and Taylor, all while her dad owned a chain of hamburger restaurants. Quite a bit to unpack there!

Finally, we talk about two awesome new blog articles written by our Brand Journalist Liz (link to them below!) and in honor of Father’s Day, we want to know….Uncle Phil or Carl Winslow? Let us know in the Instagram comments!

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