Episode 37: Hunter McIntyre


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This week, we talk to pro obstacle course racer, Hunter McIntyre! Hunter is widely recognized as the world’s best obstacle course racer, having won multiple Tough Mudder championships, Spartan Race championships, and the infamous Broken Skull Ranch challenge. Fresh off a win at the Tough Mudder X Championships, Hunter joins us and shares...

  • his journey from rehab to elite obstacle course racer
  • how an arm wrestling match derailed his chances for a championship win
  • how he trains and prioritizes all the different elements of athleticism needed to succeed in his sport (speed, strength, agility, endurance)
  • the most underrated exercise people should be doing to be more athletic, no matter what their sport

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we chat with another member of the EPIC product development team, Charlie Lucas. Charlie describes why he's both a food scientist AND a chef and discusses the interesting line between them. He shares what’s really unique about helping develop products at EPIC and also gives us his personal “go-to” dishes when he’s cooking for friends!

Finally, if you’re at the CrossFit Games this week in Madison, I share a special code word you can use to get FREE Performance Bars while supplies last at the EPIC booth! And my mom joins us to share in my excitement about our podcast finally being available on Spotify!

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