Episode 43: Bowhunting Caribou In the Arctic


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This week’s episode is a special full INSIDE EPIC Meatcast! We chat with our Meat Sourcerer, Kirk Blanchard, about getting stranded in the Arctic Circle bowhunting the largest migration of Caribou in North America. Kirk grew up hunting and is an avid outdoorsmen, but there were challenges in the Arctic he’d never encountered before, including one of which that almost caused him to literally urinate on himself and another that forced him to ration food. Kirk also chronicles what it was like, stalking caribou 10+ miles for 15+ hours a day and details the moment that would make or break his entire trip, as he was forced to make a hurried decision with a bull in his sights.

This was supposed to be your standard Inside EPIC segment, but Kirk’s story was so incredible we felt like it deserved an episode of its own! We actually spoke with Kirk before his trip too, so if you’re curious about what his concerns were leading up to the trip after you’ve heard how it played out, see the show notes below!

Finally, I close out this episode with mega news from Savory & EPIC, a few Halloween tips and the Asian Batman origin story.

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