Episode 45: Donnie Vincent


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This week, we talk to filmmaker, hunter, conservationist, adventurer, none other than Donnie Vincent. Donnie’s profound respect for nature, his incredibly physical approach to hunting, and his vision for storytelling have turned him into a household name among the younger hunting community. He’s been profiled by Men’s Health and interviewed on the Joe Rogan podcast.

During our conversation, Donnie and I discuss [2:01]

  • Hunting predators such as bears and mountain lions
  • His physical approach to hunting, why he chooses to hunt this way and how he trains for it
  • The respect he has for nature and the animals he kills

For this week’s Inside EPIC, we go behind the scenes of our second annual Impact Journal and talk to our EPIC Brand Journalist Liz and our EPIC In-House Designer Andrea about its creation and upcoming release! The Impact Journal is a 100+ page publication we launched this time last year, filled with beautiful stories and images, highlighting the key partners that EPIC works with and the impact they’re having on their communities, their animals, and our planet. We distributed over 10,000 copies last year for free to our EPIC fans and the response was overwhelming. Liz and Andrea join us this week to describe what it was like crafting this year’s Impact Journal, and how they were able to build upon last year’s success. [55:50]

Finally, I share how you can make sure you secure your copy of the 2018 Impact Journal and also put out a request for email stalkers. [1:05:41]

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