Episode 49: Silicon Valley Takes on Climate Change


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This week we talk to former Google exec Tom Chi, about how he went from working on virtual reality glasses and self-driving cars to using soil, trees, and oceans to tackle climate change. Tom helped lead GoogleX, Google’s ‘big idea moonshot factory'. When you're leading ambitious projects with such grandiose ideas, it actually makes a ton of sense to spend the rest of your life working with companies to tackle a problem as complex as climate change! I’ll admit I was a little nervous before this conversation because I knew, fundamentally there were some places Tom and I would disagree. But I also knew that could facilitate better discussion and I wasn't disappointed.

Tom and I discuss

  • His time leading GoogleX and his approach to rapid prototyping to develop innovation quickly and with little resources
  • How taking his silicon valley approach to the environment can be both helpful and harmful
  • Why he’s choosing to support both Regenerative Agriculture and ‘lab-grown meat’ when many would argue they’re in conflict with one another
  • His investments in the health of soil, trees, and water and why he believes those three pillars are our keys to reversing climate change.

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we hear from two more Whole30’ers! First up is Sydney, who illustrates how critical it is to get and have a good support system for your first Whole30, and she also tells us how how she got her parents to try out their first Whole30! [44:40]

Next up is Ingianni! She shares how her first Whole30 helped her cure the eczema that had been plaguing her for most of her life! As a fellow eczema sufferer, who cured it after getting nutritionally ‘woke’, this conversation really hit home for me. Especially when I found out, the source of her eczema, turned out to be a Whole30 compliant food! We also talk about the challenge of adopting something like Whole30 when food plays such a critical role in your family’s culture. [53:50]

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