Episode 51: Univ. of Texas Athlete Nutrition


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This week I was lucky enough to chat with Amy Culp, who leads sports nutrition for the University of Texas Athletics program! Amy’s team plays a critical role in the performance of top tier college athletes and I had so many questions about how someone handles a job with such high stakes. Amy and I cover:

  • How much nutritional knowledge are many of these D1 athletes coming to school with?
  • How she prescribes guidance to such a wide variety of athletes in different sports, positions, all with different goals.
  • The relationship between the nutritionists and the team coaches.
  • The evolution of collegiate sports nutrition, and how she prepares Longhorn athletes for both the field of play, and the game of life

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, I share our new major product launches coming in June!

And finally, I take a moment to share my gratitude and reflect on the two year birthday of the Meatcast!

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