Episode 53: Applegate & The Meatcast Mailbag


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This week I talk to Dr. Michelle Thomas, the Animal Welfare Manager at Applegate Farms. Applegate is widely recognized as a leader and pioneer in sustainably sourced meats, but most of you know them for their deli meats and bacon. During our conversation Dr. Michelle Thomas and I discuss

  • How do you keep high sourcing standards in the face of an incredibly fast growing business?
  • The resources, attention and time Applegate puts into their relationship with farms and ranches
  • Her career prior to agriculture, I guarantee yall could never guess it!
  • I make my biggest Meatcast mistake ever

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we unveil the MEATCAST MAILBAG. You can now be a guest on the EPIC Meatcast by calling 512-686-MEAT. I explain how and we share our first Meatcast Mailbag entry!

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