Episode 57: All in on Eggs!


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This week we peel back the shell on eggs! First, I’m joined by the owner and CEO of Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs, Jesse LaFlamme. Jesse is the third generation of the family business that has turned Pete and Gerry’s into a leading organic egg producer in the US. EPIC is proud to use Pete and Gerry’s egg yolks in our new Rise & Grind bars! During our conversation, taped live at Expo West, Jerry and I discuss...

  • The evolution of the egg industry in the past 40 years and why the egg aisle at your grocery store looks so different today
  • The challenges of scaling a small family business and retaining your values and standards
  • What should you and I be looking for when we buy eggs at our grocery store?

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we go behind the scenes of our new Rise & Grind bars and bring back Charlie Lucas from the EPIC product development team! Charlie shares some of the surprises he ran into working with egg yolks for this launch and he explains why some of our most critical R&D work was done on a hotel room electric stove.

Finally I share how anyone, ANYONE, can snag our new Rise & Grind bars for free for a limited time only!

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