Episode 58: Resurrecting Human Movement


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You may have tried a Paleo diet, but what about a Paleo workout routine? Erwan Le Corre is the founder of MovNat, a fitness practice that asks us to get outside and reclaim much of the movements we’ve lost in modern society, movements like crawling, carrying, balancing, bounding, etc. Erwan’s used these principles to train everyone from Navy SEALs and MMA champions to everyday folks like you and I! Listen as Erwan and I discuss….

  • Why is resurrecting our human movement critical to our physical longevity and health?
  • How can you incorporate MovNat into your existing workout routine?
  • Using MovNat as a way to introduce movement and play with your kids

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we answer what is probably our number one consumer complaint. Why are EPIC bars so hard to open?!

Finally we give you another opportunity to win an EPIC prize...or lose your job?

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