Episode 59: The Role of Insects


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I recorded the intros & outros of this episode in the back of a Lyft. No, Lyft is not a sponsor of the Meatcast (yet?!) just a necessity to get this week’s episode out on time. So not only do you get to meet a renowned bug scientist, you also get to meet my Lyft driver, Yancy!

Alright, we’ve covered plenty of four-legged species on the Meatcast, but what about those 6,8, or hundreds of legs? This week we talk to bug scientist and regenerative farmer, Jonathan Lundgren. Some may recognize Jonathan from features in the Washington Post and NPR about his exile from the USDA, after his research uncovered the harmful impacts of pesticides on the bee population. He and I touch on the impact that episode had on his life as well as….

  • How insects play a critical role in the taste, color, and smell of food
  • Why insects are facing a mass extinction event greater than the dinosaurs faced
  • Why insects play a larger role in regenerative agriculture than cows, pigs or chickens

For this week’s Inside EPIC, in honor of Independence Day, I help you declare freedom from one of the most common tyrannies of the internet.

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