Episode 61: Autoimmune Disease and Diets


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This week we’re diving into the world of autoimmunity with health and wellness expert, Carly Brawner, otherwise known as @Frolicandflow. If you’ve ever suffered from symptoms like poor digestion, rashes or eczema, low energy, listen in as Carly explains how she discovered and managed her autoimmune issues with diet and lifestyle and how she’s helping others do the same. It’s a really interesting deep dive into the “AIP” community, one that EPIC has long served and one that continues to grow. Carly and I also discuss...

  • Is an AIP diet for everyone?
  • Being a strength-training newb
  • Setting up digital boundaries when you’re an “influencer”

This week’s INSIDE EPIC, we talk about INSIDE EPIC. Huh? Listen in and find out what I mean.

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