Episode 62: Solar Panel Grazing


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This week we’re combining the power of solar power and regenerative agriculture. We’re talking to Trent Hendricks, from Cabriejo Ranch. Trent and his team are working with Silicon Ranch to graze ruminant animals to help manage the acres that their solar panels sit on. In addition to this next-level initiative, Trent and I discuss….

  • Why Trent’s creativity far outweighs his Spanish
  • Trent’s journey from cheesemonger to regenerative rancher
  • Regenerative parenting - raising kids with holistic management principles

Trent is probably one of the most charismatic and passionate people I’ve spoken to for the Meatcast and you can really hear it come thru during our interview.

Also, learn how you can have a dramatic impact on my mom’s self esteem.

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