Episode 68: Robb Wolf - Why our planet needs meat and is Regenerative Ag being censored?


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This week we bring back our first ever guest, the podfather of Paleo and New York Times best-selling author, Robb Wolf. Robb has been a guest multiple times on podcasts like Joe Rogan and continues to be a leader in the ancestral-health and regenerative ag movement. During our conversation he and I cover:

  • How decisions by Google and Facebook have resulted in 90%+ web traffic declines for health websites like his, Nutritional Therapy Association, and others
  • His upcoming book and documentary with Diana Rodgers, Sacred Cow, and how it could be Regen Ag’s answer to plant-based documentaries such as “Game Changers”
  • His views on how his sodium intake was impacting his athletic performance and ultimately inspired him to launch an electrolyte supplement

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Sacred Cow Book & Documentary


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