Journey of a Seasoned Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur with Michael Beddows


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AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview with Michael Beddows, a seasoned consultant, serial entrepreneur, and founder of the IT Consulting Group & Enterprising Group.

“Good consultants deliver value, but great consultants teach their clients how to deliver value for themselves.”

Michael shares his career journey going in and out of consulting and serial entrepreneurship as the founder of multiple start-ups. He discusses four types of consultants – contractors, advisors, freelancers, and coaches- and how he did work in data mining, customer relationship management, content management, knowledge management, and enterprise collaboration. Michael now advises clients on customer experience and user experience.

Christie and Michael discuss the importance for consultants to have coaches as part of their career support system to go from good to great. Michael shares his new venture, Enterprising Group, a peer to peer learning network for enterprise practitioners on various topics. The first component of the Enterprising Group is called the IT Consulting Group, which focuses on providing coaching services to teach professionals how to be an IT Consultant.

“How can you achieve your 5-year plan in the next 6 months?”

Michael provides additional advice for younger consultants

Do not be intimidated by older, more experienced professionals
Begin working on your long term career plans now instead of later
Keep an eye on the impacts of artificial intelligence
Don’t underestimate the value of taking notes

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