Buffalo Blame Game, and Amber Heard Crossed on the Stand, with Jesse Kelly and Mark Geragos | Ep. 323


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Megyn Kelly is joined by Jesse Kelly, host of "I'm Right" on TheFirst TV, to talk about the immediate and politicized Buffalo shooting blame game, the lack of humanity in the response, whether Elon Musk's Twitter deal will go through, middle school boys punished for using the wrong pronouns in school, the press covering for Vice President Kamala Harris, the new press secretary's poor performance so far, equity vs. hard work, and more. Then, lawyer and "Reasonable Doubt" podcast co-host Mark Geragos joins the show to talk about Amber Heard cross-examined on the stand this week in her trial against Johnny Depp, the tone of Depp's lawyer during cross, the "poop in the bed" commentary, Heard being pressed on her alleged injuries, the conclusion of the lawsuit against Don Lemon, the latest in the Sussmann trial, and more.

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