How Media Sparked Pelosi Conspiracy Theories, and Tom Brady Retires, with Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 484


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Megyn Kelly begins with a monologue breaking down exactly how the media themselves helped spark the Paul Pelosi conspiracy theories, exposing what the press said in the days after the attack that was incorrect, how the police spun the media and the public, and more. Then Megyn is joined by Emily Jashinsky, host of The Federalist Radio Hour, and Eliana Johnson, co-host of Ink Stained Wretches, to talk about how the media's "right-wing misinformation" narrative in the Paul Pelosi story is mostly false, the media deciding whether to attack the police or not based on the narrative, the decline of the corporate press and media gatekeepers, media struggling to find a Tyre Nichols narrative, new drama with the Biden classified documents search, a judicial nominee who can't answer basic questions, the ongoing migrant crisis, Tom Brady retiring again and what that says about his relationship with Gisele, a ridiculous trans figure skater story, and more.

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