Pelosi Bodycam Footage Revealed, and Pfizer Exec Caught on Tape, with Michael Knowles and Mike Baker | Ep. 481


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Megyn Kelly is joined by Michael Knowles, host of The Michael Knowles Show, and Mike Baker, author of "Company Rules," to discuss the breaking news of the Paul Pelosi home invasion bodycam footage being released, the incompetence and lack of urgency by San Francisco police that it shows, the revelations in the Pelosi 9-1-1 call, how the attack could have been prevented, what we know now about the attack compared to how it was originally reported, Project Veritas catching a senior Pfizer executive revealing details about potentially "mutating" COVID, "gain of function" research vs. "directed evolution," Pfizer and other Big Pharma involved in corrupt deals with regulators, vaccines profits, the disturbing revelations about Tyre Nichols' killing at the hands of Memphis police, JFK assassination potential storylines, and more.

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