The Golden State Killer: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special | Ep. 344


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It's a Golden State Killer episode of The Megyn Kelly Show's Hot Crime Summer week. Megyn Kelly is joined by Paul Holes, former cold case investigator who helped solve the Golden State Killer case, to talk about the evolution of the Golden State Killer, how he went from serial burglar to serial killer, his police work and intelligence, the significance of "Bonnie," why he was a "psychological sadist," the way he'd continue to contact his victims through phone calls, what separated the Golden State Killer from BTK or the Zodiac killer, what motive the killer had, how he started and what caused him to stop, how genealogy helped solve this case and how DNA helps solve cold cases generally, the journalist who helped bring attention to the story, what happened when Holes realized the case was solved, the Golden State Killer's family, and more.

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