The Importance of Dads, Allowing Kids to Take Risks, and the Boy Crisis, with Dr. Warren Farrell | Ep. 372


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Megyn Kelly is joined by Dr. Warren Farrell, author of "The Boy Crisis" and many other books, to talk about the challenges boys face in today's society, how the boy "crisis" began, the importance of listening in relationships, the question of "toxic masculinity" in today's culture, the roles for women and men, the concept of "social bribes," the issue of "dad-deprived" children, how to incorporate "dad" parenting when dad isn't around, the positives of "roughhousing" and teasing, the importance of "postponed gratification," risk-taking and empathy, what attracts men and women to each other, advice for couples, why certain young men develop into mass shooters, and more.

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