Truth About Twitter Files, and Amber Heard Appeals, with Michael Knowles, Arthur Aidala, and Mark Eiglarsh | Ep. 447


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Megyn Kelly is joined by Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire to discuss the truth about the "Twitter Files" story, the revelations about the censorship and suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, the reality of the internal communications, Trump's valid anger over the story but over-the-top rhetoric, hysterical media reaction that reveals their guilt in the story, Harry and Meghan's latest self-pitying Netflix trailer, Harry and Meghan complaining about the media, media craziness about Ron DeSantis, and more. Then it's Kelly's Court with Arthur Aidala and Mark Eiglarsh, to talk about the status of the Harvey Weinstein cases in New York and Los Angeles, the evidence in the Weinstein cases and value of a female lawyer in a case like this, the relevance of Weinstein's genitalia, Amber Heard filing her appeal in the Johnny Depp case and whether she has a shot, how Heard should have handled her case the first time, Heard's initial lies and claims now, the GMA TJ Holmes and Amy Robach scandal and legal angles, Balenciaga dropping its lawsuit, and more.

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