#076 - Harpreet Rai (Oura Ring): Heart Rate Variability, Wearable Health Technology, Stress Tracking, Sleep Cycles, Deep Sleep, Heart Health, Your Readiness Score, And More!


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6:50 - Harpreet's Background

14:00 - The Tech in the Ring

16:10 - Accuracy Of The Sensors

18:45 - Heart Rate Variability At Night

20:10 - Inaccuracies With Movement

21:00 - What Is Heart Rate Variability

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26:40 - Arrhythmia

27:35 - The Wearable Tech For Heart Health

29:20 - HRV In Meditation

31:05 - Oura In A Sauna And In Water

32:35 - RMSSD

33:05 - The Data In The User Interface

33:30 - Oura's Personalized "Readiness"

36:40 - What Is The Baseline For Comparison?

39:30 - Sleep Measurements

39:50 - Sleep Timing And Ideal Bedtime

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46:00 - Readiness Score Vs Natural Intuition

51:15 - Temperature Alert

52:45 - COVID Research Study

55:05 - EMF Exposure

56:00 - Airplane Mode

56:30 - Infrared LEDs

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