#104 - Sally Norton (Oxalates): High Oxalate Foods, Kidney Stone Prevention, Soluble & Crystalline Oxalates, Mitochondrial Damage, Oxalate Dumping, Osteopenia & Osteoporosis, And More!


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8:10 - Sally's Background

10:55 - Mis-Education

13:00 - Sally's Health History

15:45 - SIBO

16:40 - What Are Oxalates?

20:45 - Oxalic Acid And Calcium

22:25 - Soluble And Crystalline Oxalate

24:50 - Quantities And Types Of Oxalates In Foods

28:10 - Cooking And Soaking

32:10 - What Happens After We Eat Oxalates?

33:10 - Acute Poisoning

34:40 - Unexplained Early Death Related To Oxalate

35:00 - Sticky Tissues

35:05 - Kidney Stones

38:25 - Oxalate Build Up In Kidneys And Elsewhere

40:25 - How Oxalate Effects Calcium Levels And Parathyroid

42:40 - Osteopenia And Osteoporosis

43:05 - "The River Of Perfection"

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45:10 - The Problem With Blood Testing

47:15 - How Do You Avoid And Prevent Reoccurring Kidney Stones?

52:35 - Oxalate Absorption Rate

54:25 - Dissolving Crystals

57:00 - Clearing Oxalates

57:50 - Carnivore Diet And Oxalate Dumping

1:00:35 - Testing The Urine

1:01:55 - Cloudy Urine

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1:07:30 - Clearing Illness

1:09:20 - Fibromyalgia

1:12:05 - The Activation Of The Immune System

1:13:25 - Breaking Down Scar Tissue

1:14:30 - Is There An Approach To Remove Oxalates Safely?

1:17:20 - Seasonality Of Oxalate Consumption

1:19:55 - Mechanically Damage To Cells

1:21:20 - Percentage Of Oxalate Absorption

1:22:00 - Berries

1:24:50 - Organic Foods

1:25:45 - Errors In Nutritional Publishing

1:27:20 - The Dream Study Involving Oxalates

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