#116 - John Jaquish, Ph.D.: Muscle Growth, Weight Lifting Is A Waste Of Time, Variable Resistance Training, Bone Density & Health, Joint Damage, Blood Flow Restriction Training, And More!


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12:00 - John's Back Story

16:15 - The Loading Advantage Of Osteo-Strong

17:55 - The Problem With Weightlifting And Bands

20:15 - Variable Resistance

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26:00 - The Muscles Full Potential Of Fatigue

27:05 - The Loading Range And Repetition Pattern In X3

28:10 - The Parallel Between Muscle Growth And Bone Density

29:30 - The Damage To The Joints With Regular Lifting

31:50 - How Muscle Grows

32:35 - The False Theory Of Muscle Confusion

35:00 - Bad Nutrition Advice

36:30 - Vitamins In Organ Meats

39:00 - Whole Foods Diets And Their Inability To Provide A Full RDA

40:50 - The Genetic Protentional Of Muscle Size And Strength

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47:20 - Cardio

48:35 - Skinny Fat

50:45 - 'There's No Such Thing As Cardio"

51:50 - Low-Intensity Exercise

52:10 - Upregulating Cortisol

53:00 - Testosterone Vs HGH

54:35 - Whole Body Vibration

57:00 - Taking MCT For Ketosis Instead Of Nutritional Ketosis

57:55 - Low Carb/Keto

58:40 - The Potential Of Muscle To Grow To A Certain Size (Bag Theory)

1:01:15 - Intermittent Fasting And Muscle Growth

1:02:45 - How To Use X3

1:03:10 - The Myth Of Weak Cardiovascular Health In Strength Athletes

1:05:10 - The Longevity Implications

1:05:30 - Veganism Vs Carnivore

1:06:40 - Vegan Blue Zones

1:09:35 - Whey Protein

1:10:00 - Nitrogen Balance

1:11:45 - The Protein Supplement Development

1:15:35 - Raw Meat

1:18:30 - Blood Flow Restriction Training

1:21:10 - 10 Minutes, 4 Times Per Week

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