#089 - Abel James: Surviving The Modern World, Maintaining Real Relationships, Recovering From Illness & Injury, Growth & Mindset, Unplugging For Mental Well-Being, And More!


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7:05 - Abel's Personal Story

9:05 - Low Fat Diet Failure

12:15 - Wild Diet

14:30 - GMOs

17:25 - Autoimmune Conditions

18:35 - The Problem With GMO Corn

19:10 - Lab-Grown Meat

20:20 - The Perception Of Morality And Sustainability Of Plant-Based Meat

22:00 - Vegetarianism

23:55 - Biohacking To Combat Modern Deficiencies

25:35 - Tracking Biomarkers

27:10 - Fortification Of Processed Foods

30:05 - How To Find A Sustainable Diet

34:00 - Free Meals Or "Cheats"

35:10 - Intense Exercise With IF

41:00 - Tapping Into Glucose

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44:30 - Real-Time Data On A CGM

46:46 - EMF And Wi-Fi

52:25 - Wi-Fi Calling Vs. Cellular Connection

53:25 - Paranoia About Health Concerns

54:15 - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

59:05 - Radon Gas

1:01:10 - Recovering From Poisoning

1:09:00 - Miracles

1:10:10 - The Placebo Effect

1:10:10 - Writing Designer Babies

1:17:10 - Modern Content Creation And Consumption

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1:25:45 - Facebook Groups

1:28:20 - Sustaining Relationships

1:28:50 - Disconnecting From Social Media

1:31:20 - Balancing Time On Social Media

1:34:10 - Censorship On Social Media

1:39:00 - Political "Conspiracies"

1:44:55 - Eating Crickets

1:45:10 - The Fluffernutter Story

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