#101 - Gary Taubes: The Case For Keto, Bad Obesity Research Science, Genetic Weight Gain, Free Fatty Acids And Fat Storage, Hormonal Dysregulation, Insulin Resistance, Phenotypes, And More!


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8:10 - The Importance Of The History Of The Keto Movement And Other Topics

9:30 - Investigating The Salt-Hypertension Hypothesis

13:05 - The Way Doctors Treat Patients

15:05 - The Mistake In Obesity Research

16:15 - Recapping The History: Are We Looking For Causation Or Correlation?

17:40 - Pathological Science

19:55 - Constitutional Hypothesis Of Obesity

22:50 - What Our Genes Determine

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26:20 - Genotypes And Phenotypes

29:45 - Metabolic Fitness Vs. Body Size

32:40 - Transitioning From A Traditional Diet To A Western Diet

33:05 - The Pima Indigenous Tribe

36:35 - What Does Insulin Do?

41:30 - Rising Insulin In The Morning

42:10 - Insulin Resistance

42:40 - Insulin As Fuel Partitioning

45:00 - Blood Glucose Content Throughout The Day

47:15 - The Conversion Of Carbs To Fat

50:55 - The Storage Of Fat Vs Carbohydrate

51:40 - The Glucose Fatty Acid Cycle

53:00 - The Insulin-Carb Hypothesis

55:00 - The Reason We Gain Weight

57:30 - The Fat Tissue In Obese People

58:40 - "Some Of Us Fatten Easily, And Some Of Us Don't"

1:01:25 - Insulin Dysregulation

1:02:45 - Starving The Fat Cells Of Fat

1:05:00 - HFLC VS HCLF

1:09:25 - Transitioning Out Of Low Fat Diets

1:10:50 - Misconceptions About Fat And Insulin

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1:19:25 - Measuring Insulin And Fatty Acids In The Blood

1:21:00 - Hormonal Dysregulation Of Fat Storage

1:22:40 - Hormones Vs. Excess Energy Intake

1:26:00 - Hormones And Enzymes Responding To The Types Of Food You Eat

1:26:45 - The Dichotomy Inside The Obesity Discussion

1:33:10 - A Hack For A Plateau In A HFLC Diet

1:35:50 - The Other Side Of The Hack

1:37:25 - The Downside Of Insulin Therapies On T1D

1:39:30 - Vintage Fats & The Idea Of Food As Medicine

1:42:05 - What Will It Take For Society To Change?

1:42:45 - Doctors Burning Out In The Current Medical System

1:43:25 - The Plant-Based Argument

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