247 - 5 Best Sources of Ideas And Inspiration For Your Membership Site


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Consistently producing valuable, relevant content for your membership is not easy work. If you’re feeling stuck for inspiration or ideas at the moment, I might be able to help!

In this episode, I go through 5 of the best ways you can find ideas and inspiration for your membership site.

They’re all different in their ways, but there is an overarching principle to them all – and that’s that we need to listen. Stepping back and taking the time to observe and reflect can really change things for the better.

So, take a break now – step back from what you’re doing and reflect on this episode of The Membership Guys podcast. Who knows what ideas you’ll end up with?

Essential Learning Points:

  • Why listening is one of the most underrated skills and will reveal a lot to you
  • How to maximize your email list to generate ideas and right wrongdoings
  • What you can learn from other membership sites to create better content for your own

Important Links & Mentions:

Key Quotes:

“Just listening, observing, and paying attention to the recurring questions and challenges people discuss is worth its weight in gold.”

“So often, as business owners, we overcomplicate things. We overstuff things. We keep selling beyond the sell. We try and pack in 5 or 6 objectives into a single email.”

“It’s really easy as a membership owner to become detached from the experience of being a member or student.”

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