Messy Middle Minisode: On Ritual, Ceremony & Rites of Passage


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Today on the podcast I'm asking the question what is ritual, what is ceremony and how can we incorporate rites of passage in our daily life.

Ritual is what we make of it

Tarot Cards mean what meaning we give them

Ceremony is the act of showing up in a way that feels good to you

Honoring and Reverence: come from acknowledging and giving thanks to the moment, people and things.

I have had desire for ceremony, for blessing my space, for opening the circle and having intentions about what I want to invoke in.

I have been pulled to make magical potions, search for medicinal plants in the wild, take mild altering herbs, pull tarot cards, make tinctures, and create my own medicine out of rocks and feathers and rose petals.

And as that desire came through I thought for one second that because I didn’t know much about these things that I needed to go find a book, buy someone’s formula or find someone to tell me how to do it. What formula could I follow that would help me know these words better, ceremony, sacredness, honoring reverence, and who could tell me how to do them?


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