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Welcome to the MoST Dangerous show in the known UNIVERSE !! the Metal Hand Of God ( MHOG ) podcast!

Your hosts are: The RumGUY

Hello MHOG friends, fans and Family welcome to a new and exciting UNREAL Interview with The RumGuy . Today he welcomes voice actor extraordinaire Mr Peter Cullen. Thats right this UNREAL interview hits on some history of his career and some burning questions about some of his iconic rolls. Plus we learn about a secret and much debated project. One that still has people saying "Its Not True" Enjoy this UNREAL interview .... MHOG cares ..

( Disclaimer: " These are Unreal interviews. As stated in the name. None of the comments that are said in these recordings are not to be taken at face value. These have been created for fun and to be listened to in a light hearted way. No interview subjects were hurt in the making these spots. Listener discretion is advised. )

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