Leeann Watson: Mid-sized businesses need help to grow


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Research has highlighted the need for more support to be wrapped around medium-sized businesses.
The Grant Thornton New Zealand research found mid-sized businesses have grown in employee numbers at a faster rate, but they're falling behind in productivity and profit growth.
Canterbury Employers Chamber chief executive Leeann Watson told Mike Hosking many small and medium size businesses don't want to grow bigger.
"We have to recognise that they are part of the New Zealand psyche. However, there are certainly businesses that do want to get bigger, and those are the types of businesses that we want to make sure have the right information and help to do just that."
She says businesses need access to the rest of the world.
"Long way from any other of our trading markets and we're a relatively small population, so a lot of businesses who start out, and particularly small businesses but also medium, don't necessarily plan to export, so selling on the domestic market means it's very difficult to scale up."

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