Wrapping the Week: JetPark responds to Mike Hosking's quarantine criticism


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"How bad do I feel?"
It's not often that Mike Hosking admits to being in the wrong, but he has fallen on his sword this week after criticising the Jet Park quarantine facility.
Mike said on radio earlier this week that he would happily travel around the world if he could, as long as it meant he didn't end up somewhere like the quarantine facility that's been set up at Jet Park.
The comments struck a chord with the general manager at Jet Park - who, it turns out, is a fan of Mike Hosking Breakfast, along with many of the staff.
She wrote a letter to Mike, calling for the media to remove the stigma that the staff and facility face every day for working there.
"Our goal every day is to demonstrate care, empathy, understanding and kindness to guests staying with us during these stressful times."
It forced Mike to apologise to the time, saying he felt genuinely bad about it - to the surprise of Wrapping the Week guests Kate Hawkesby and Tim Wilson.

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