268 - Luke Leaman on Individualising Your Calorie & Macro Breakdown, Founder of Muscle Nerds


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This week show the boys welcome on Luke Leaman the founder of Muscle Nerds to dive into everything related to optimising and individualising your nutrition.

An incredible show we hope you enjoy.

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Show notes:

If you want to know something, it's easy to find but then there's also a lot of bullshit in it. (06:49)

When People are overweight, they're desperate and don't want to listen to what make sense for them.(15:30)

Early ages of supplement industry put drugs and everything in it, those are wild times.(21:55)

People are being so impatient that they are rely on most supplement over the long process of training.(27:00)

Losing 2 kilos per week aren't realistic but it can be done, but you are sacrificing health and performance that will suffer and eventually get worse.(31:49)

Not enough people eat intuitively.(37:15)

You should know the training that you enjoy doing and because you're more likely to actually do it multiple times a week.(42:5)

Everyone should take care of cardiovascular respiratory system and take care of the things that give them the energy to lift harder, faster and better.(46:15)

People should be learning how to move in all the different planes, to be able to flex, rotate and get up and down off the ground.(54:00)

Proper eating is the same as good training, finding the eating style that resonate with you.(01:06:06)

Tracking is about consistency and accuracy and understanding what you're doing.(01:17:27)

Vegan vs Carnivore.(01:21:25)

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