264 - Brad Schoenfeld The "Muscle Doctor" on Hypertrophy Facts & Myths


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This week the boys welcome on Brad Schoenfeld, Ph.D., an internationally renowned muscle building expert and widely regarded as one of the leading authorities on body composition training. They boys discuss all the myths that circulate around growing muscle and dive into which have any proof.

Volume, genetics, negative reps and frequency are all topics of muscle building they get into.

Show Notes

- There are percentages of genetics, habits, training an different factors, but everybody has the ability to gain muscle (7:45)

- Losing body fat & losing weight comes down to energy balance (16:33)

- Multi-joint exercises aren't better than single-joint, there might work for different purposes (33:30)

- There is no point following the routines of the big body builders, you don't have their genetics. (44:44)

- I'm constantly changing my beliefs in training and nutrition (51:26)

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