TMR 221 : Dr. William Lane Craig on Holy Week Revisionism


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"Such a Jesus would threaten no one, just as the university professors who create him threaten no one.”—John P. Meier Back in 2011, my wife and I had the opportunity to go with Reasonable Faith (the organisation headed up by Dr. Craig) on a guided tour of Israel. On many of the evenings back at the hotel Dr. Craig would give a talk, sharing his reflections upon the historical sites we had visited, and commenting from his knowledge of biblical and non-biblical ancient writings. In this, the third and final presentation from that tour, Dr. Craig speaks about the week of events leading up to Jesus' crucifixion, burial and resurrection, and critiques the imaginative—yet, in his view, historically false—reconstructions of revisionist scholars. [The recording included in this podcast is Copyright © 2011 Reasonable Faith, all rights reserved, and used by TMR with kind permission. That Dr. Craig features in this podcast should in no way be understood as implying that he endorses anything else mentioned in this podcast, nor indeed anything else published at TMR.] For show notes please visit

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