121: How To Heal Yourself With Kelly Turner, Ph.D.


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We all want to find ways to heal our ailments, but conventional medicine doesn’t always have the answers. No one knows this better than Kelly Turner, Ph.D., New York Times best-selling author, who has been studying what she calls “radical remissions,” for years. She joined mbg founder and co-CEO Jason Wachob on the mbgpodcast and described this term as “the remission from cancer that occurs in the absence of conventional medicine, or after conventional medicine has failed.”
In her book Radical Remission, she describes her interviews with people who were told they had days to live but ended up surviving and thriving some 25 years later. Kelly pioneered this research and traveled the world for a year to 10 different countries to find the radical remission survivors and their healers. During her experience, she found nine common healing factors among the survivors, which she explains in her book.
The process of healing does not have a set prescription or a list of steps. Each of us will have a different path that includes things we put into our body and the things we take away. These nine healing keys that Kelly discovered as significant themes in the healing journeys of the radical remission survivors. She emphasized that you don’t need to have cancer to benefit from these ways of living.
While she does not have research to show whether or not these factors are preventative, her colleagues and researchers have done multimodal longitudinal, randomized studies to show that these factors individually can help your immune system. These nine keys were not things the survivors did for a day and found they were healed, they made a commitment to the keys for life and saw incredible results. Wherever you are in your healing journey or the state of your health, supporting your immune system through these physical, emotional, and spiritual ways of being will be helpful.
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