136: How to move through anxiety & quiet the mind—with Preethaji


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Preethaji was eight years old when she realized she was different—she could tap into what others around her were feeling and experience their pain, pleasure, and longing as her own. Over the span of decades, the spiritual leader has used this unique sense of connection to help millions of people tap into their own consciousness and overcome suffering.

"When you feel the other, you have a great capacity to heal the heart," she tells mbg. Along with her husband Krishnaji, Preethaji now shares her teachings primarily at OO Academy, a philosophy and meditation school in India.

Krishnaji and Preethaji believe that all suffering on Earth exists because of "an obsession with oneself," and the key to moving through pain is to look outside of yourself and tap into the collective consciousness. Easier said than done! But on today's podcast episode, Preethaji, who also earned a master's degree in business and has a special way of translating complicated spiritual philosophies into digestible, accessible language, shared one quick routine to get us started.

"The serene mind practice is something that anybody can start doing," she says. "It doesn't take more than three minutes, but it is immensely powerful in helping you to get back to a place of calm."

You can find more of Preethaji's rich teachings in her new book, The Four Sacred Secrets, and in today's podcast episode, which touches on everything from how to find purpose in life to how to raise the next generation of spiritual kids (good news: they're way easier to teach than adults!).

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