#205: The Mindful Kind // How to Move Forward from a Break-Up


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Hello and welcome to episode 205 of The Mindful Kind podcast.

In this episode, I've answered a listener's question about how to move forward from a break-up (without destroying the chance to develop a friendship) and how comparison can interfere with moving on.

The two powerful tips for moving forward gracefully include:

Tip 1: Focus on the values that are important to you (and pause before you react!)

Tip 2: Do things that bring joy and purpose into your life (and also take time to be self-compassionate with vulnerable emotions)

You can get your copy of the Self-Compassion Meditation Album here: https://www.rachaelkable.com/selfcompassion-album

And don't forget to check out episode 44 of The Mindful Kind for self-care tips to help you get through a break-up and episode 45 to help you deal with comparison.

Thank you so much for listening and I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind.

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