#166 - Sheleah Harris, Candidate for Shelby County School Board District 5 & Founder of Living Grace


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During these unprecedented times, leadership is required to resolve the issues that face our youth, parents, teachers, administrators, and everyone involved with the edification of our communities. Sheleah Harris joins this episodes to share her background story, how she founded her organization Living Grace to tackle the issue of youth homelessness in Shelby County (Greater Memphis, TN area), her candidacy for District 5 of the Shelby County School Board, her campaign platform, and her best practices for success!
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With more than 10 years of experience, Sheleah Harris has a professional background in secondary education, local government affairs, community engagement, and marketing. Fueled by her strong desire to restructure broken images of youth in our society, she has consistently aligned herself with opportunities to implement strategies for academic, social, and economic success for others. Sheleah is driven to improve “Equity and Access for ALL students” in Shelby County. She is a servant leader who has been relentless in her pursuit to create environments that cultivate an attitude of excellence within communities and neighborhoods throughout Shelby County. She is the founder and executive director of Living Grace, Inc. a non-profit organization that advocates and serves youth identified as homeless in Memphis. In addition, Sheleah also works as a manager of State and Local Government Affairs for a Fortune 500 company. In her role, she listens, learns and leads in the charge for innovation by collaborating with community stakeholders and legislatures to drive equity and access throughout the city.
Formerly, Sheleah also served as a high school teacher for Shelby County Schools and Bartlett City Schools. Sheleah is a proud product of Shelby County’s District 5 and a current resident and graduate of Cordova High School. She earned her B.S. in Marketing Management from The University of Memphis, M.S. in Education from Freed-Hardeman University, and certification in K-12 Education for the state of Tennessee.
​She enjoys being active with her church, Life Church of Memphis; spending time with her family and friends; and spoiling her Hound Dog, Andy.
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