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Joshua talks about hormones—both female and male hormones—and how they change in our 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond; what we can do to optimize our hormones to get the best out of life; how our hormones affect our sleep, stress, mood, energy, and sex drive; and how diet, sleep, sunlight, and exercise affect our hormones with registered dietitian Becca Shern and regenerative medicine expert Adam Lamb, and they answer the following questions:

What are hormones? (02:46)

Do hormones work in conjunction with one another? (04:17)

Is ‘normal’ actually ‘optimal’ or ‘good’? (05:52)

What are some warning signs of hormone imbalance? (10:10)

How do I determine if hormone replacement therapy is right for me? (11:08)

How does stress affect our hormones? (13:09)

Can hormonal birth control negatively affect testosterone levels in females? (16:59)

How do hormones affect sex drive? (20:29)

What’s the link between hormones, anxiety, and depression? (23:09)

Why does testosterone seem to be the silver-bullet hormone for so many people? (23:51)

Can testosterone help with thyroid issues? (24:44)

What’s the best way to determine hormone levels? (27:18)

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