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The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies is proud to present The Aerospace Advantage, with former Air Force weapons school instructor and Thunderbird Lt Col (ret) John “Slick” Baum as the host. Every other week, Baum will take listeners into the world of aerospace power and help the audience understand what it takes to fly and fight in the sky, while also protecting America’s interests in space. Whether talking to top generals, standing on a flight line full of combat aircraft, looking at a rocket being prepared for launch, or hearing from those who have laid it all on the line in defense of the nation—this podcast will afford unprecedented access and insight into where the combat aerospace community is going and why. Each episode will focus on a key challenge, with current senior leaders, men and women serving on the front lines, technical experts, and experienced policy leaders providing behind the scenes insight regarding what is need to accomplish the mission and how we are going to make that happen. The first five episodes provide a foundational level of understanding regarding the current circumstances facing the Air Force and Space Force, with subsequent episodes delving into specific mission areas and technical zones. As a former combat fighter pilot, Baum is uniquely qualified to take listeners into places and meet with leading edge actors they would otherwise never access. Above all, this podcast will focus on making complex ideas, strategies, operational concepts, and technologies accessible to all. Heavy emphasis will be placed upon firsthand experiences and perspectives. At the end of the day, this all comes down to better understanding what it takes to build and maintain the air and space power that will prove critical for America years into the future.

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