#25 - From ATI to Bob Jones University: Elizabeth Hunter's Battle to Change Anti-LGBTQA+ Policies


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Today is the first episode of our Pride Month celebration series. We’re bringing to you five incredible episodes from people in the LGBTQA+ community who have left fundamentalism.
We’re kicking off our series with an interview with Elizabeth Hunter, or @ThatLizHunter for those who know her from Instagram and TikTok. Elizabeth has spent the last year on social media documenting her experiences growing up influenced by Bill Gothard's homeschool curriculum, the Advanced Training Institute. Additionally, Elizabeth attended Bob Jones University and was almost kicked out of the school for her sexuality. Administrators threatened her student status after she tweeted “Happy Pride” and wrote a book with lesbian characters. Now in 2021, Elizabeth is participating as a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education. She’ll get into the details on her involvement and more in today’s episode.
Topics in this episode include physical and sexual abuse, depression, and other mature themes, so listener discretion is advised.
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