#8 - The Princess and the Kiss - How Lydia Kissed Fundamentalism Goodbye


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In today's episode, we are so thrilled to be speaking with Lydia, who was raised as a member of the Sovereign Grace Church.
This church denomination is a new one for us here at The Modesty Files, so Lydia outlines the church's practices and expectations. She describes life as a homeschooler and a full time stay at home daughter for her younger siblings. She also expresses the pain she felt as any of her own aspirations were halted while being a lifeline for her siblings.
After leaving her parents home five years ago, she's taking back her independence and is currently attending a different Christian church, demonstrating how to participate in a religious community in a healthy way. She is developing the skills to look at faith with a critical eye, and most importantly, she is learning that her faith cannot be anyone's decision but her own.
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