Easy Way to Extend the Life of Your Roof | How to Get Your House Hurricane Ready | Best Air Filters for Allergy Sufferers


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  • The summer season with its intense heat can be really rough on your roof. We share a way to protect, restore flexibility and extend your roof life by 5 years.
  • Hurricane season is here and researchers predict 19 big storms! We’ll help you make sure your house is ready.
  • Having trouble with allergies? It’s important you have a filter that can truly catch the dust, dirt and pollen that makes its way onto your lungs! We’ll share a new type of HVAC filter that is so effective, it’ll last for an entire year.

Plus, answers to your home improvement questions:

  • Catherine from Arizona needs help laying new sod and making sure is survives the super-hot climate.
  • Steve in Tennessee is running out of hot water! We help nail down why his electric water heater may be failing after only 5 years.
  • Angelo from Florida wants to know how to prep fiberglass window shutters that have faded for a new paint job.
  • Mary in Alaska has is considering going to tankless water heater and wants to learn more about them.

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