Episode #2010: Building Raised Garden Walls | Free-Up Sticking Doors | How to Finish Your Front Door | Upcycling Reno Leftovers


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With all the humidity, it’s that time of year when doors swell and get stuck in their openings. We’ve got the easy fix for sticking doors. Plus.

Before you can add the new you have to get rid of the old – and that can often be a costly part of any home renovation. We’ll share tips to help lighten the load and cut demolition costs

  • And we’ll have the how to on a fun garden project – building a raised landscaping wall that useful for creating a ring around a tree or raised garden wall to dress up the front of your home.
  • Ready to step up your home’s first impression? We walk you through how-to fix up your wood floors with a fresh coat of finish.
  • Plus, answers to your home improvement questions, about building a firepit, replacing baseboard heating covers, cleaning jacuzzi jets, leveling floors, how prevent basement flooding by correcting surround of foundation.

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