Social Justice on ESPN, More Details From Jacksonville, & Author Dav Pilkey - 8/28/18


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The Morning Blaze Topics:
Hour 1 Social justice in sorts... Tiger Woods says we should respect the office of the president... Max Kellerman on ESPN melts down... Internet sensation Paul Flart calls in to talk about being fired from his job.
Hour 2 Jacksonville shooting... Are guns the root of the problem?... A school is installing 'safety buckets' to combat shootings... Dana Lash defends the NRA and 2nd Amendment and gets death threats for it... Which apparently is OK with Twitter...
Hour 3 Author Dav Pilkey calls in to talk about his new book... When was the last time Sears or K-Mart were good?... Learn about with Ryan Hogan... What I learned today...
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Title: Social Justice on ESPN, More Details From Jacksonville, & Author Dav Pilkey - 8/28/18
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